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Multi cutter machine

Granite multi-cutter machine is a specialized equipment used in the stone industry for cutting granite blocks into slabs or tiles. These machines are designed to handle the hardness and density of granite efficiently.

Line polish machine

A line polishing machine for granite is an automated tool used in the stone industry to polish granite, marble, and stone slabs effectively. These machines vary in capacity, from 6 to 12 heads, each equipped to polish surfaces.

  1. Automation Grades: Ranging from fully-automatic to automatic machines.
  2. Suitability: Specifically designed for polishing granite, marble, and stone slabs .
  3. Salient Features: Longevity and low maintenance life are some noteworthy characteristics of these machines.
  4. Variety in Heads: Available with different head counts, such as 6-head, 9-head, and 12-head machines, each contributing to efficient polishing.
  5. Machine Weight: Depending on the model, these machines can weigh around 29 tons or more.

Single cutter machine for dressing

A single cutter machine for dressing granite typically comes in various types:

  1. Single Wire Saw Machine: Used for block dressing in granite and marble processing. This machine employs a single wire for cutting large blocks into slabs. It’s efficient for precise cuts and is commonly utilized in the stone industry.

  2. Single Blade Stone Block Dressing Machine: Another variant, it utilizes a single blade for cutting and shaping granite blocks. This machine is suitable for squaring and dressing large blocks, aiding in the production of slabs or other granite products.

  3. Block Dressing Machines: These machines come in various configurations, such as wire saws or blade-based systems. They’re designed for squaring natural stone blocks, including granite and marble, before further processing into slabs or tiles. The machines use blades or wires to achieve precise cuts 

Bridge cutting machine

A bridge cutting machine for granite is a specialized tool used in the stone processing industry to precisely cut and shape granite blocks or slabs. These machines vary in features and capabilities:

  1. Functionality: Bridge saws are designed with diamond blades, enabling accurate cutting of granite. They may offer features like interpolated axes, rotating heads, and PLC controls for precise cutting and processing [4].

  2. Types: Various types exist, including 4 or 5-axis CNC machines that provide flexibility in cutting different shapes and sizes of granite [5]. They can be automatic or manual edge cutting machines, designed for different industrial capacities [3].

  3. Applications: Used in stone processing enterprises, these machines facilitate the cutting of granite blocks into slabs or customized shapes for construction, sculptures, countertops, and more. The capacity can range up to 50 feet/hr [3].

  4. Technology: Some machines come equipped with advanced technology, such as CNC capabilities, which enhance precision and efficiency in cutting granite 

5 ton Forklift

The combination “5 ton forklift granite” refers to forklifts designed for handling heavy materials like granite or marble blocks, typically weighing around 5 tons. Several references highlight specialized forklifts for the granite and marble industry, enabling efficient handling of heavy loads.

  1. Granite Marble Block Forklift models exist, indicating specialized equipment tailored for these industries .

  2. Maximal’s Compact 5 Ton Diesel Forklift is a specific model designed for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

  3. Marble attachment forklifts like the “MS Marble attachment forklift” are available for the granite industry, indicating specialized forklift attachments for handling marble and granite blocks.

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