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Our Advantages in Quality


Grade 1 granite is the thinnest of the group. They may be usually found with plywood backings or some type of support as their thickness alone might not be able to withstand heavy use.


Middle-grade granite boasts more patterns and colors. Their markings have more variety too. 


This is the best quality granite of the group. The designs are of the rare kind and they may exhibit veins and patterns making them one of a kind.


Granite is a naturally porous material. However, steps have been made to make the surface smooth and shiny, and less absorbent.

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    Good looks and Good looks
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    Pristine Cuts
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    Finish it perfectly
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    Cut Exactly
Looks matter, and we understand that better than anyone. That's why at Bright Stone, we meticulously select each stone block with stringent quality control measures in place. Our mining process is conducted exclusively in carefully chosen quarries, ensuring consistent texture and vibrant color in every piece. This commitment to detail guarantees that the natural beauty of our stone enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space it graces.
For many, a chiseled physique is a dream, but at Bright Stone, perfectly chiseled stone in precise shapes and sizes is a reality. We adhere to strict quality control measures, ensuring each stone is crafted with precision and care. Our process involves cutting larger blocks into smaller pieces, each molded to a pre-determined thickness. This meticulous approach to shaping and sizing guarantees that every piece meets our high standards of excellence, ready to bring elegance and sophistication to any setting.
Every step in our quality control process is crucial, and at Bright Stone, we ensure none are overlooked. As dedicated professionals in the granite industry, we understand the importance of the final touch. Our stones receive meticulous finishing, whether polished or leathered, to achieve a flawless, glossy surface. This attention to detail in the finishing phase is vital, ensuring that the natural beauty of the stone is enhanced and perfectly presented. We don't just create stone products; we craft enduring pieces of art that stand out for their impeccable finish and timeless elegance.
Cutting the marble to the exact size and exact specification is also one of the quality inspection methods followed by granite industry professionals. This step makes sure that no sharp edges are left behind while the marble slab is further processed.
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Bright Stone Quality Control Process

At Bright Stone, the quality control process is integral to our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every piece of granite meets the highest standards of beauty, durability, and finish. Our comprehensive quality control system encompasses several key stages:

  1. Sourcing and Quarry Inspection: The journey of quality control begins right at the source. Our experts meticulously select quarries known for the best raw granite, emphasizing the purity of color, grain texture, and structural integrity. Regular inspections and audits of the quarries ensure consistency in quality.

  2. Block Selection: Each granite block is carefully inspected before extraction. Our skilled professionals look for any natural flaws, cracks, or structural weaknesses. Only the best blocks are chosen for further processing.

  3. Cutting and Processing: The chosen blocks are then cut using advanced machinery, ensuring precise and uniform thickness. During this stage, we continually monitor the cutting process to prevent any damages or alterations in the stone’s natural pattern.

  4. Surface Finishing: Granite slabs undergo various finishing processes, including polishing, honing, or flaming, based on customer requirements. Each slab is meticulously checked for uniformity in finish, texture, and glossiness.

  5. Dimensional Accuracy: We ensure that all slabs and tiles are cut to exact specifications. Sophisticated tools measure dimensions and angles to guarantee that each piece meets the desired size and shape with precise tolerances.

  6. Strength and Durability Testing: Granite undergoes rigorous strength and durability tests. We assess its resistance to wear, abrasion, and breakage, ensuring long-lasting quality.

  7. Final Inspection and Packaging: In the final stage, each granite piece is closely examined for any overlooked imperfections. Only after passing this thorough inspection, the granite is carefully packaged, ready for shipping. We use robust materials and methods to ensure the stone remains protected during transit.

  8. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Post-delivery, customer feedback is integral to our quality control process. It helps us continuously refine our practices, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

In summary, Bright Stone’s quality control process is a meticulous journey from quarry to customer, rooted in a deep commitment to excellence, ensuring that every piece of granite reflects our standard of perfection.

From the above steps, it becomes clear that the role of quality control is quite high and this is where Indian granite suppliers carry an edge as they pay utmost attention to the quality of their granite slabs at every stage of granite processing and transportation.